YAMAGISHI Technical Center (Training for freshmen)


Knowledge of lathes, materials and edged tools Drawings

Cutting works

Handling of measuring mashines


Basic program

NC work techniques

Attachment/detachment of jigs]

Test cutting / finishing

Human resources development (Yamagishi Technical Center)

Yamagishi company-ss usually hold a meeting about processing operation with many skilled engineering technicians and prepare the best production as per shortened of the lead time. The purpose of taking this system is for towards the same aim and it’s one of our human resources development.


Also, we have Yamagishi Technical center which is a job training school authorized by Gunma Prefecture. It’s very unique for small and middle-sized companies to have its own job training school so our company is the only one company to have it among them in Japan. In this school, employees can learn not only technical skills but also human skills to achieve their human qualities. Therefore, they learn how to greet, manners and attentive hearing.


Our main training menu in technical side is below; To educate and acquire the knowledges about materials, measuring instruments, how to operate the machines, processing operation and programming. Actual practice for processing in the exclusive training center. Cultivating both technical side and human qualities can make attractive technicians who can contribute to the society.