We are proudly announcing that Yamagishi-SS company is NO.1 in the North Kanto area with thin wall cutting’s roundness, parallelism and flatness.

Yamagishi Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Yamagishi Ryouichi

Our company’s main product is needle bearing’s processing. Especially, we are good at thin wall (lathe) cutting process skill in precise machine parts.

We are also good at very precise roundness products so we can process the parts which roundness is less than 0.05 mm and the diameter is from 5mm to 800mm.

In trial product development area, we deal with small number of various items of high skill cutting (lathe) process.

Yamagishi Seisakusho Co., Ltd.’s belief for "manufacturing".

"A company is its people"

Based on the concept of manufacturing is its people, we will provide high-value-added products with high technology and better quality.

Especially for the ultra-precision processing of thin wall cutting, we aim to be the only one.

Passion for human resources development

"Growth of the company is growth of people"

We try to improve the skills of both human skills (skills as a person) and technical skills 

(skill and technology) with our unique technical Meister system as a guideline for 

management that makes the best use of people.

Future Goals

Through our unique technology development, we will provide and suggest a trial and development for the world class company such as NASA.

Company info

Company name

Yamagishi Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Street address

590-23, Hamagawamachi, Takasaki-shi, Gumma, Japan

Tel. / Fax

Tel. +81-27-360-4100

Fax +81-27-344-5850

Person in charge

Ryoichi Yamagishi

Main 3 products

Cage for needle roller bearings

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts

Hybrid motor parts

Primary clients


NSK Ltd.

Hitachi, Ltd.

Hitachi Metals, Ltd.